Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Emotional Enough?

One author that I look up to is Ellen Hopkins. Her books are very emotional and very thrilling. What I like about her books is that, they are real things. Not fake made-up animals talk crap. It is about real problems that could happen to anyone. Ellen describes everything. You feel the characters, that she describes. Better yet, you are the character.

I have this book by her called Flirtin' With The Monster. It is not really like a book, it is the reason why she writes books and who the books are REALLY about. I would love to meet her.

Everyone gets mixed up by her books. They think her books are a series. NO! Only Crank and Glass go together. Crank is the first and Glass is the second. The third book is called Fallout and is coming out in the Summer. I can't wait.

The other books; it does not matter the order you read them. Out of all the books Impulse was my favorite. It got my heart.

Books by Ellen Hopkins:
1. Crank series (Crank, Glass, Fallout)
2. Tricks
3. Impulse
4. Burned
5. Identical

By the way, I did not put a picture of tricks in the photo.

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